Stacy London battled depression and went almost broke after spinal surgery

Stacy London battled depression and went almost broke after spinal surgery

The former star of the popular reality television program, ‘What not to wear,’ Stacy London has kept herself busy as a stylist/fashion consultant, author and magazine editor. Despite leading such an exciting life, she still fell into the abyss of depression. In fact, 2017 was not kind on her—by the end of 2017, she was not just a step away from being broke but was also literally broken from inside.

In a personal essay to Refinery 29, she wrote about the agonizing moments experienced after undergoing an expensive spinal surgery. She underwent the surgery after enduring the debilitating back pain for four years. The essay carries the story about her emotional and financial downslide during the difficult phase of her recovery back from the surgery.

How it started

After finally deciding to do something for the chronic back pain that she had tolerated for four years, London underwent a surgery in Dec. 2016. However, she was not prepared for what followed. Apart from the crippling physical pain, she also found herself in a state of depression. Since major surgeries affect a person’s mental state terribly, she said she dealt with her depression by not dealing with it.

She believes that the pretension of not suffering from depression in itself is a wonderful balm for a person. For her, there wasn’t much she could actually do to escape from what she was feeling, both physically and emotionally. Such moments along with the absence of any job-related commitments and purpose further exacerbated her condition.

Outcome of surgery

Though doctors informed her to expect a recovery period of six weeks, she realized that her recovery was just beginning by the end of six weeks. The surgery required the doctor to fuse vertebrae that were loose because they were grinding against each other. The entire experience was not just painful but also too horrifying to describe.

As she was unprepared for such an experience, she considers the time spent in the hospital as extremely discouraging. Describing her feelings, she said, “The truth is, I didn’t understand the extent to which back surgery would cripple me — emotionally and physically.” The moments she spent in the hospital were some of the most distressing moments, during which the pain and nausea proved to be a strain as well. After the surgery, the unbearable pain and expenses took a heavy toll on her emotional and physical health.

Even though she was financially prepared to live off work during the first year of recovery, she was just not ready in the second year. As post-surgery treatment entailed heavy doses of medication, it made “everything foggy” for her, with the persistent pain leaving her incapable of thinking straight. That’s when her problems escalated and depression set in.

Importance of finding a solution

Life is undoubtedly beautiful, but it is also unpredictable. When some unexpected incidents throw life off-track, one should not treat it as a permanent setback. One needs to strike a balance between these highs and lows in life. There are instances when the pain becomes so unbearable that the person continues being sad for days without letting anyone get a whiff. It should be the warning sign that he or she needs professional support.

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